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Exploit Submission Wizard, the first, and still the best Automated Submission Software on the Internet.

There are now three easy ways to obtain your Submission Wizard.

The first is our new active download system.

Simply download a tiny program which will check your disk for components you already have installed, then download and add any missing components to complete the Wizard installation.

Alternatively, if you are installing to more than one machine, or want to install the Wizard at a later date you can download a single file which contains all the components required for the Wizard to run.

Finally, for those who prefer not to download from the Web, the Submission Wizard is now available on a compact disc. For information on ordering the Wizard on a CD please visit our CD order page located on our secure server.

The choice is yours, whichever method you choose installation could not be easier!

Download the Submission Wizard Active Installation Download (Last update 14 May 1998)

If you are using Windows 3.1 or NT4, or your ISP uses the Inktomi Traffic Master cache system (as used by AOL and UU-Net) please use the single file download below.

Single File Download (Last update 15 May 1998)

Install the Submission Wizard Once you have downloaded the file simply double click on it to complete the installation the Wizard.

Validate the Submission Wizard The first time you use the Wizard you may be asked to enter a validation code. Enter the code VCexploit - this code is case specific so be careful when entering it!

We are confident that after trying our software you will never want to use an on-line service again!

Approximate download times

The size of the Active Download Wizard is approx. 185k, download time will normally be completed in under 2 minutes. The time to complete installation using the Active Download Wizard will vary depending on the components already installed on your system, however in most cases the time taken will be substantially less than that taken with the single file download option.

The size of the Single File Wizard download (Version 4) is approximately 3.5 Mb.

The following figures show the time it should take to download the Single File Wizard, however times will vary depending on the speed of your connection, and prevailing conditions on the net.

Type of connection Approximate download time 28.8k Modem 12 Minutes 64k ISDN 6 Minutes 128k ISDN 3 Minutes Cable Modem 30 Seconds

Remember - the Wizard is an automated submission tool that will run in background, without the need for user intervention. The time spent downloading the Wizard is immediately recouped after your first submission has been made.

If you experience any problems with the installation, please refer to our wizard f.a.q. page. By using the Submission Wizard you are also deemed to have accepted the user license agreement, so please take time to read this document before using the Wizard.

We hope you enjoy using the Exploit Submission Wizard!

Click on this link to return to the Exploit Submission Wizard home page.


Exploit Information Technology 1995-98.

Sales Enquiries (UK Telephone) +44 161 443 2464 (USA Voicemail) +1 202 478 0323 (UK Fax) +44 161 431 6140 (USA Fax) +1 202 478 0323 Email:

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